Researching the Best GTD Applications 2014

Digital Productivity

The Question

If you’ve found this post from a net search on the subject then you’re probably already very familiar with the time-sink world of options-paralyses that searching for a modern GTD app is. There are so many options, the options are changing all the time, none of them are perfect and none of them are perfectly tailored for your usage out-of-the-box.

Still, if you’re like me and you’ve found the GTD®, (Getting Things Done®) methodologies described by David Allen ( to be very helpful in getting your life consolidated/organized/under-control/stress-minimal and you have most of your life information tied to a digital form somehow, you will probably be in this search.

And happily, once you find a GTD software that is decently appropriate for you and run with it it can be outrageously cool and helpful! In this post I am just going to put up updates for research in my own personal search right now and mark down notes from companies/users about what each software can and can’t do. If you have any experiences or questions please post them below and help me to build out this page. Eventually I’ll write an article about my conclusions which will hopefully be of some help. So below let me list, in my opinion, the main contenders.

The Wish

While I will try to make all this research useful for others than myself I will of course be biased towards my own needs. What I’m looking for personally is a system that is:

  1. As comprehensive/connected/consolidated as possible (as few apps/search locations as possible)
  2. Covers the entire GTD ecosystem/workflow with minimal tweaking
  3. Fun/fast/smooth/stable/pleasant-to-use

I also like tags!! :-)


The Main Contenders

  • OmniFocus 2


  • FacileThings

  • SmartTM

  • Zendone

OmniFocus 2 (released 05/14, $80 1-time purchase)
My current favorite… Traditionally one of the best GTD purist apps there was, the 2nd generation hasn’t added so much extra functionality but it has streamlined the program even more to being probably the nicest looking, feeling, and in many ways fastest app available. It’s awesome variety of perspectives and context-based views and it’s tight integration with Siri/Calendar/OSX-services is great. Downsides are that it lacks much of the integration into an ecosystem that the new browser-based cloud apps have (can’t add things to evernote/calendar/contacts/etc within the app), takes a little bit of tweaking to make it a full GTD setup, and is Mac only.
- Great weekly review functionality

IQTELL (released 2014, $72/year)

Possibly the most comprehensive/connected/consolidated software and my current 2nd choice. It allows you to connect your Calendar, CRM/Contacts, Reference Materials in the form of Evernote, and even Emails into one connected system where the tags for all of them transfer to each other and even 2-way sync back into their respective apps. Very cool system but not nearly as elegant as OmniFocus when it comes to dealing with actual tasks and sorting tasks by what you want to see at a certain moment. Using it in a browser means it can be a bit glitchy/clunky I’ve found as compared to a native OS application.

FacileThings (released 2014, $84/year)

Similar to IQTELL, in some ways a nicer interface as far as leading you through a very GTD-tuned workflow. However lacks the email integration of IQTELL and is similarly annoying to use a browser product vs a native app like OmniFocus 2.

SmartTM (released 2014, $11/year)

Very promising, but definitely less polished product. The main web app is still in beta as of this writing and the company itself is still getting it’s start.

Zendone (released 2013, $50/year)

Looks like version 2 will not include native iOS/Android apps, they want to switch to a single browser-based model. This may cut into my “fast&fun” experience on mobile devices – web apps simply are usually not as fast/responsive as native apps.

So that’s it for now… lots of great options - please give your feedback/advice/experience/questions below and let the search continue!

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